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How is it special

Create your guitar so it represent who you are...
3D Printed guitar Screen
Get what you really need and want! Express your personality through your instrument.
3D Printed
Using the latest technology to shake up the market and bring back the sex into rock!
Because you are unique, so should your instrument be. Be the black sheep...
Of course we didn't forget the price tag. You will be able to afford this at just average £1500...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it play like a real guitar?

Won't it break??

What are the materials used to print?

How much can I customise?

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The team to make it happen

This is a probably the best team ever born

Mahdi Hosseini
Founder - With a strong IT, Software development and e-commerce Background from Amazon
Justas Cernas
Head of Marketing - With experience in online marketing, sales, SEO and web development.
Sophie Findlay
Head of HR and Accounting - With experience in HR, sales and procurement, shipping and accounting.

Mentors and Partners
Because we all need help to make remarkable things

Geoff Morris
Chairman at Entrepreneurs Forum, Serial Entrepreneur
Prof. Neil Hopkinson
Inventor of High-Speed Sintering HSS, 3D Printing Expert
Chris Reeve
"Sunrise" Guitar Designer
Jason Sanderson
Sound Engineer
Feat. on Kerrang and N.M.E. magazines